About us

ClaimZorg Letselschade is a company with years of experience. Our legal experts are specialists in personal injury claims, laws concerning liability and indemnification.

According to all Dutch insurance companies, ClaimZorg Letselschade is a professional and tough opponent. We believe these characteristics do us just.

We guide our clients step-by-step through the complex settlement process. Furthermore, we conduct correspondence, discussions and negotiations with insurance companies culminating in excellent results. Our legal experts are leading this process and if need be we consult other specialists in their field of expertise.

In cases of personal injuries of the self-employed, we request the assistance of a renowned company that will prepare a thorough company analysis based on annual reports and additional research. Furthermore, an analysis is made of the to be expected future performance of the company.

If you are interested in an open-ended and free of charge conversation with us? Please call us.

Insurance companies about ClaimZorg Letselschade

  • “Very tough opponents” – Nationale Nederlanden
  • Fight for their clients without hesitation” – Centraal Beheer
  • “Sometimes severe, harsh and ruthless” – Bovemij Verzekeringen
  • “Loose cannon” – Allianz Verzekeringen
  • “Just like a guided missile: straight on target” – Aegon Verzekeringen
  • “Only act in the best interest of their clients” – Interpolis Verzekeringen
  • “Tough opponent making great progress” – Delta Lloyd